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DIY Ilocos Tour

I’ve always wanted to explore the Philippines, sadly I wasn’t able to go to any destination last year because mum got sick. My planned birthday surprise trip for her to Bohol got cancelled as well as my bday gift to my dad to go to Cebu. So I promised myself that this year I will continue my journey in discovering the Philippines. 🙂

My first stop this year was a tour at Intramuros (thank you so much Tammy 🙂 – will blog about that next time) and my second stop was a DIY tour to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. This will be a brief blog – just my planned Itinerary + breakdown of expenses. 🙂


I planned this trip on my own, but I went to Ilocos with my boyfriend, my best friend and her boyfriend. None of us has ever been to Ilocos, so we were all looking forward to our trip ( well mostly me because I love travelling and I can’t wait to make my boyfriend fall in love with travelling as well).

Our first stop was Vigan – so beautiful! We stayed there for a day – so I tried to make the most out of our 1 day stop at Vigan by exploring as much of the city as we can. By the time we got back to Villa Angela at 9pm, Chinee said that our city exploration felt like it was meant to be done for 2 days!


Our second stop was Laoag – brief but extreme! We tried the 4×4 ride + sand boarding. Get ready to eat sand if you will try this activity!



After our 4×4 and sand boarding at Laoag we hopped on the bus to go to Pagudpud. For the rest of the day (which started at 3pm) we just explored the white sand beach of Saud. It was so beautiful and peaceful, plus we had a nice view of the Bangui Windmills.


For our final day at Ilocos, I planned our Pagudpud South Tour – Windmills, Cape Bojeador, and the Kapupurawan Rock Formation.

Total money spent per person including food ( we spent a lot of money in eating while we were at Vigan), accommodation, pasalubong (we couldn’t stop ourselves from spending more than P1000 for our pasalubong), transpo, activity fees, and entrance : P6,600.

Here’s our itinerary + expenses. 🙂

Day 0
8:00 PM Meet at Jolibee SM Manila for Dinner          300.00
9:30 PM Arrive at Farinas Bus Stop
Buy water and chips at Mercury Drug
11:00 PM Leave for Vigan via Farinas      1,260.00
Day 1
7:00 AM Arrive at Vigan
Tryke to Villa Angela
7:30 AM Breakfast at Chowking          250.00
8:00 AM Go to Baluarte
Tryke to Baluarte
8:30 AM Explore Baluarte
Photo with Tiger + Drinks
11:00 AM
Back to Vigan to Villa Angela            80.00
11:30 AM Check In at Villa Angela      1,400.00
2:00 PM Lunch + Souvenir Shopping at Calle Crisologo      1,700.00
5:00 PM Kalesa Ride – Vigan City          150.00
7:00 PM Dinner          330.00
8:00 PM Watch Water Show + Fireworks at Plaza Salcedo
8:30 PM Buy Empanada + Okoy + Liquor          128.50
9:00 PM Back to Villa Angela
Day 2
7:00 AM Free Breakfast at Villa Angela
8:30 AM Last minute pasalubong buys            60.00
Tryke to Bantay            30.00
9:00 AM Bus to Laoag (Ordinary)          200.00
11:00 AM Lunch – pick up at Mcdo Laoag for 4×4 + sand boarding          250.00
12:00 PM Sand boarding + 4×4      1,250.00
2:00 PM Bus to Pagudpud (Ordinary)          120.00
3:00 PM Tryke to Ate Cathy’s            50.00
3:30 PM Check in at Ate Cathy’s          700.00
4:00 PM Swimming at Saud Beach
6:00 PM Dinner + Pasalubong + Other expenses          500.00
Day 3
8:00 AM Breakfast          295.00
9:00 AM Beach time
10:00 AM Pagudpud South Tour          650.00
10:30 AM Buy mini Windmills          160.00
11:00 AM Cape Bojeador, Rock Formation Tour          330.00
1:00 PM Leave for Laoag – bus            80.00
2:00 PM Tryke to Farinas            30.00
3:00 PM Tryke to Jolibee            30.00
Lunch + other expenses          370.00
Ice Cream            50.00
6:30 PM Bus back to Manila      1,500.00
8:30 PM Bus stop dinner/ expenses for all bus stops          500.00
 Total Expenses for Two    13,088.50
per person      6,544.25

Here are the contact details if you want to try Sand Boarding + 4×4, check in at Ate Cathy’s or Villa Angela, and do the Pagudpud South or North Tour. 🙂

4×4/Sandboarding – Glenn – 09088853669

Ate Cathy’s – 09195716680

Pagudpud South/North – Kuya Rene – 09208532047

Villa Angela – 09176314024

Here’s the more detailed blog about our trip:

Day 1 – Vigan City, Baluarte, Calle Crisologo

Day 2 Part 1 – Extreme Laoag

Day 2 Part 2 – Pagudpud

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