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Ilocos Adventure Day 2 Part 1: Extreme Laoag

Day 2 of our Ilocos trip started early as well. 🙂 I set the time to leave Vigan northbound to Laoag at 8am, but we were running late and we had so much fun over breakfast that we left around 8:30am.

Included in the payment at Villa Angela for our one night stay was breakfast for four. Right after we checked in, the staff already asked us what we wanted for breakfast – Vigan Longganisa or Bangus. All of us opted to have longganisa except for Palos. They also asked me what time our breakfast should be prepared – and I said around 6:30 since we will be leaving early. So it was no surprise that when we woke up and E opened the door, the common area smelled yummy! Think of cartoons floating around to follow the smell towards their plate – that kind of smell.


Breakfast at Villa Angela!


The kuya prepared our breakfast and even gave us free bananas when he found out that we were going to Laoag. He even shared with us a bit of history about Villa Angela – that Tom Cruise stayed there when they were filming Born on the Fourth of July (You can even see a photo at the common area) and even Piolo Pascual stayed there as well.

So after our hearty breakfast at Villa Angela, with sad hearts we left for Laoag, but before that we walked along the streets of Calle Crisologo for one last time. 🙂


Morning stop at Calle Crisologo


We then hopped on an ordinary bus bound for Laoag where we will be riding a 4×4 and trying sand boarding. Initially, I did not include this in our itinerary because it’s a bit costly, but then I realized that we will only do this once or twice so why not? After three hours we reached our destination, Laoag Mcdonalds, wherein the green 4×4 was waiting for us. After another 15 or so minutes we arrived at our destination. All that transpo made us super hungry, I think I heard my tummy rumble more than once when we were on the bus to Laoag. So we rested a bit at the small nipa hut at the base of the sand dunes to eat and well enjoy the view.

Our 4x4 ride

Our 4×4 ride

Kuya Glenn jokingly warned us that we have to prepare ourselves – baka daw manghina ang tuhod namin even before we reach the sand boarding spot. At first I was like, really? Di naman siguro, it’s just a 4×4 ride around the area, the sand dunes, what could be so thrilling about that. So with confidence I stood up and got on the 4×4 truck. In my head I was thinking, hell yeah this is just a ride nothing to get scared about – but I was wrong! After the first part of the ride, I already felt a bit of adrenaline rush. Imagine riding a roller coaster ride minus the harness and the comfy seats! That’s what it felt like to me, especially when we were going up and down the dunes, it was so friggin amazing! Even the view was amazing that kuya stopped and gave us a few minutes to take photos. 🙂

View on top

View on top

4x4 trail

4×4 trail

So after the first part of our 4×4 ride, well I thought that the extreme part was over – again I was wrong. You see the trail above? Yes that’s the 4×4 ride trail, minus the side trails. I felt like I was spiderman for a brief moment when we passed by the side trail, thank God the ride didn’t turn over. So this is like riding a roller coaster x2! It was so fun and it gave me a high, because it was so extreme! After the ride, we were taught how to sand surf. It looked easy but it’s not. Kahit the sand surfing na nakaupo! Nobody stayed long on the board, because we were all toppling over, rolling down the dunes!

Sand surfing for beginners level 2

Sand surfing for beginners level 2

E sand surfing like a boss

E sand surfing like a boss

Sand surfing for beginners

Sand surfing for beginners

After sand surfing, we went back to the hut to rest for a bit. Kuya Glenn was super nice to drop us off at the bus station to Pagudpud. 🙂

You may reach Kuya Glenn  – 09088853669. We paid him P2500 for the 4×4 ride + sand boarding. That’s already good for 4-5 with free pick up at Mcdo Laoag. 🙂

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