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Hello Shanghai – Day 1

Last October, I went to Shanghai with my colleagues (yey free company trip!). It was my first out of the country trip and being a trigger happy person, in 4 days I had 700+ photos! Of course I wouldn’t share all of my photos here in my blog, but I’ll share my favorite ones. 🙂

Since it was a company trip, we had a planned itinerary (gah) but thankfully we had a free day (oh yeah!). We had 4 days to enjoy the city of Shanghai, where I discovered that there is more to it than shopping!


Day 1 – Maglev + River Cruise + Dinner + Nanjing Road

We arrived in Shanghai a little bit after lunch, as I mentioned it was first time to travel to a foreign country (unlike my brother, ehem) so I was a bit lost on the whole process (thankfully Ginny was there to guide me). After the whole bit in immigration, we went to drop our luggage in the hired bus.

Ivan, our tour guide explained that our first to do in Shanghai is to ride the Maglev train. So what exactly is the Maglev train? I googled it – and it means MAGnetic LEVitation Train. It is said to be the first commercially operated high speed train, there’s three operating MAGLEV trains btw. The main intent in the construction of the Maglev train is to connect the airport (Pudong)  to the city. That is to make it easier for people to go to and fro the airport.


Maglev Train Ticket


The Maglev Train

After our 5 minute Maglev train ride, we headed straight to Huangpu River for our river cruise. We didn’t pay anything, I think its part of our package. Anywho, the river cruise costs 100 yuan (around $16-17). It’s nice to take the river cruise, because you get to see the city and you get to take lots of photos as well. Our river cruise lasted for around 45 minutes, and I was able to eat at the little cafe in the boat.


We then boarded our bus and went to our hotel – Majesty Plaza Hotel which was in front of Nanjing Road. We were given, I think an hour to change and fix up before we had dinner. After our dinner we went back to the hotel and decided to explore Nanjing Road (one of my favorite places in Shanghai).


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