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Hello Shanghai – Day 2

I wasn’t able to post about my second day in Shanghai right after my post about my first day in Shanghai, but whop-ti-do here’s it is. So our first day gave me a glimpse of the city, but the second day was a 14 hr tour to Shanghai (super tiring but it was worth it).

Woke up late because I was exhausted from all the transfers, so I had a quick breakfast and even had time to smoke (just one stick). Ivan, our tour guide, shared with us our itinerary for the day: The Bund, The Silk Factory, food trip in Yu Yuan, watching an acrobat show, and dropping by Xin Tian Di.

We started our tour at the Bund (which is less than 10 minutes away from our hotel). The Bund is a waterfront area (Huang Pu river) and is one of the most popular tourist destination in Shanghai. It is lined with historical buildings. It is a long stretch where one can see different building architectural styles.



Travelling feet shot at The Bund


After dropping by The Bund, we went to the Silk Museum. When we got there, Ivan introduced us to Mary, our museum guide. She shared with us the history of silk and how they get the silk strands, and how they create it (also a tip, if you want to buy silk sheets best to buy it here). Mary shared the legend of how Empress Hsi Ling Shi wife of the yellow emperor discovered silk by accident. She was drinking tea when a silk worm cocoon fell in her cup thus unraveling the silk thread and the rest is history. Only comment though is that I felt like we were rushed through the museum and then to their store, but oh well (another tip don’t buy the silk fans here – it’s more affordable if you buy it in the Water Village).





After the Silk Museum we went to Yu Yuan Garden (the first batch advised us that the food in the resto for lunch isn’t stellar so best is if we ate at the Yu Yuan Garden). Upon arriving at the Yu Yuan Garden I was a bit overwhelmed – there were lots of people there so if you are in a big group best is to have a travel buddy and just set where you will meet after x number of hours/minutes. Here you can shop for anything under the sun. However you should know how to HAGGLE! HAGGLE as if there’s no tomorrow! So if they are asking you for 100 yuan for, I dunno something you want to buy, say 20 yuan (or something to that effect, just don’t say yes to the price that they’re offering). ALWAYS HAGGLE!

Ginny and I didn’t really buy that much there, but we did try Xiao Long Bao, Gyoza, and fried noodles (YUM!). We only spent 20 yuan for 10 pieces of Xiao Long Bao, 15 Yuan for 5 big ass gyozas and 13 for a box of fried noodles!




Xiao Long Bao!




Inside Yu Yuan


We dropped by a shopping place, unfortunately I forgot the name of that place, so next thing in our list was the acrobat show. So, I’ve never watched a live acrobat show before, except the Cirque de Soleil DVD that my theater prof shared before. This was a first for me. And I was super impressed – especially with the skates, flying acrobat, bike act, and motorbike act.



Our last destination was Xin Tian Di. Xin Tian Di. Its also a shopping place, but it has that coffee, pub, bar feel. I feel like I wasn’t in Shanghai when Ginny and I went around. Felt a bit European, because of the lanterns and the bricks. It has that artsy fartsy feel.ImageImageImageImageImageImage



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2 thoughts on “Hello Shanghai – Day 2

  1. Shanghai is such a crazy beautiful place to visit. I also watched the aerobics there and loved it so much, they are such dare-devils!

    Posted by janaline's world journey | November 9, 2013, 9:57 pm

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