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Cebu Day 1: SuTuKil + Downtown Cebu + Sky Adventure

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have been to Cebu twice so I was tasked to create our itinerary for 4D/3N. Luckily I have this habit of checking Trip Advisor for reviews, blog hopping, and asking my friends who either live in Cebu or have been in Cebu numerous times. So by January I was done reserving our hotel and preparing our itinerary (I even made two options for our itinerary: (1) overnight stay in Oslob or (2) day tour in Oslob). My estimate was that we will spend around P10,000 per person (roughly around $250-300) all in.

Going To Cebu

Our tickets were booked in advance (like last year advance) and we only paid around P1000 per person for round trip tickets. I opted to check in via the Cebu Pacific website so that we are required to be there just 45 minutes before our departure time (I was aware of the high probability that my best friend will be late, and SHE WAS LATE).


I was excited for this trip, because it was our (Edison and I’s) first plane ride together (please pause to say aaawww). Our plane left NAIA Terminal 3 at 10:05 AM and we arrived in the Mactan airport at 11:30 AM.

Rosewill’s BBQ and SuTuKil

Our first stop was not to our hotel but to Rosewill’s SuTuKil. Cab drivers are familiar with this place since a lot of locals eat there. So what can you eat at Rosewill’s SuTuKil? Fresh seafood! You pick the seafood and you tell them what way you want it to be cooked! (SuTuKil stands for Sugba – grilling, Tula – stew or simmered, and Kil – kilawin or raw).

The boys had little say on what we will have, Marlon (my best friend’s boyfriend) only had one request – seaweed salad). Chinee and I ended up ordering half a kilo of medium sized prawns (Chili Prawns), half a kilo of squid (Calamari), one fourth kilo of parrot fish (grilled), 2 garlic rice platters and 1 seaweed salad.

Grilled Fish

Grilled Fish




Seaweed Salad

Seaweed Salad

It was a great start to our Cebu trip because the food served was yummy. Seriously, the prawns were cooked just right and the sauce was great. Every bite of the calamari was divine because it didn’t feel like you are chewing gum. The parrot fish was cooked perfectly. I even tried the seaweed salad (felt like pop rocks candy).

After our lunch there we went straight to our hotel – Robe’s Pension House.

Robe’s Pension House

The room I booked was the family room. It is good for 5 people (because in our original plan our other friend was coming with us). It is located in Langdon St – near downtown Cebu (tourist spots) and Fuente Osmena (commercial place+ Crown Regency) but tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

10013123_10202676338341066_1031227408_n 1974715_10202676337821053_986403198_n 1927235_10202679810307863_264812789_n

Since we only needed two beds, the extra bed became a resting place for our bags. The place is cozy enough to help you drift away to sleep after touring Cebu. Not to worry though, it’s not expensive (I have this thing of booking places that are affordable because you just need a place to sleep at night).

Downtown Cebu Pt. 1

There are jeeps passing by near Langdon St. so to go to downtown Cebu we just rode a jeep that will pass by Colon St.. Our first stop was Magellan’s Cross and then Basilica of Sto. Nino (which is just a few steps away from Magellan’s Cross).


When we got to the Basilica the first thing I did was to line up to see the Sto.Nino (in my past visits to Cebu I always make sure that I drop by to say hello to him). After which we walked to Fort San Pedro located inside Plaza Independencia (I do recommend that you do the walking trip either early morning or late in the afternoon).

There is an entrance fee to Fort San Pedro, but it’s cheap. So we toured the smallest fort in the Philippines.


Sky Adventure

After our short trip at downtown Cebu we went straight to Crown Regency via jeep (just ask the locals which jeep passes by Fuente Osmena because Crown Regency is located near Fuente Osmena).

If you are going to Cebu, it is a MUST to try the Sky Adventure. There are two levels in the whole sky adventure offering. The normal one which comprises of the 4D, Skywalk and Edge Coaster and the extreme one where you ride a zip line from Tower 1 of Crown Regency to Tower 2 (or vice versa), go wall climbing on top the building and climbing on a wall with the base (the building) that looks like it disappears.

During my first trip in Cebu, mom and I only tried the Edge Coaster, but this time around we tried the 4D, Edge Coaster and the Sky Walk (and of course the buffet dinner). We first tried the 4D and it was okay, imagine realto of EK but better. Next up was the Edge Coaster. So we rode in pairs (duh, because it was designed that way). Basically you take a ride at the coaster located at the edge of the building. The coaster tilts to a maximum of 50 degrees, at the first 4 seconds it is tilted to the max automatically, but for the rest of the ride you and your partner can control it.

10009726_10202714491094861_378150741_n 10014980_10203265616463896_532280199_n

I rode the ride with E, so it was basically at the max tilt for the whole ride, I was cursing at the top of my lungs because I was afraid to fall. I do know that we are safe, but still seeing the city down below at the height of 130 meters above ground is terrifying.

Our last ride was the sky walk – not really a ride but a walking trip at the 37th floor. For me the Edge Coaster is more terrifying than the sky walk, but during the entire walk I felt as if I will pee my pants each time I look down. It was nice, because the facilitator will share with you places in Cebu that you can visit.

After our Sky Adventure we had dinner buffet style. The boys enjoyed it and they ate a lot. There are different cuisines available, so best to make the most out of it.

We headed back to Robe’s after our sky adventure because we had an early day ahead of us for our Oslob Day Trip.

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