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Cebu DIY Tour

Here is my official Cebu DIY tour list. I’ve been to Cebu twice before our trip. First was with my mom, it was my birthday gift to her and the second one was for work (Berocca Night #OnFullBlast party series). So, I’m a bit familiar with the places that should be visited there in Cebu and I have friends who gave me a checklist of places to visit and eat at. That awesome combination helped me create my second Cebu DIY tour.


I’ll be sharing my DIY Cebu Tour for 4d/3n for 4 itinerary below with the cost estimates. My friends and my partner in crime had so much fun in our stay in Cebu (had to admit I felt pressured to ensure that they have fun in one of my favorite cities).


Day Activity Amount
Day 1
8:00 AM Cab fare to Airport 100
9:00 AM Check In
Breakfast 150
10AM to 12PM Plane from NAIA 3 to Cebu
Cab from Airport to Rosewill’s Sutukil 100
12:30PM Rosewill Sutukil Lunch
(Half kilo Chili Prawns, Half Kilo Calamari, Seaweed Salad, Grilled Parrot Fish, Drinks, 2 Servings of Garlic Rice Platter)
2:30 PM Cab from Mactan to Robe’s Pension House 200
Robe’s Pension House (4 days/3 nights) 4500
4:00 PM Go to Downtown Cebu (Jeep 4C) 32
4:30 PM Explore Downtown Cebu Pt 1
Basilica – Magellan’s Cross – Malacanang – Fort San Pedro (P30 entrance fee) – Park
6:00 PM Jeep to Fuente Osmena 32
6:30 PM Crown Regency Sky Adventure
(4D – Edge Coaster – Sky Walk – Buffet Dinner)
9:30 PM Cab to Robe’s 100
Day 2
5:30 AM Cab to South Bus Terminal 100
6:00 AM Bus from Cebu to Oslob 520
9:00 AM Whale Shark Watching
(MB Sunrise – Whale Shark Watching – Breakfast)
11:00 AM Tryke to Sumilon Drop Off 200
11:30 AM Day Tour – Bluewater Resort Sumilon
(Ferry Ride – Kayaking – Lunch – Trekking – Swimming – Ferry Ride back to Oslob)
6:00 PM Bus back to Cebu 600
9:00 PM Cab to Robe’s 100
9:30 PM Jeep to Fuente Osmena 32
10:00 PM Dinner at Larsian 500
11:00 PM Cab to Robe’s 100
Day 3
10:00 AM Jeep to Colon 32
10:30 AM Yap- Sandiego Ancestral House 200
11:30 AM Casa Gorordo Museum 200
12:00 PM Metropolitan Church
12:30 PM Cab to One Mango – Zubuchon 100
1:00 PM Lunch at Zubuchon
(Half kilo Original Lechon, Half Kilo Boneless Lechon, KangKong, Lechon Sisig, 2 Rice Platter, Chicharon Bulaklak, Drinks)
2:00 PM Cab to Taoist Temple 150
3:00 PM Cab to Robe’s 150
8:00 PM Cab to Golden Cowrie (Near IT Park) 100
8:30 PM Dinner at Golden Cowrie
(2 Sinigang na Hipon, 2 Baked Scallops, 1 Taba ng Talanga, 1 Langka, 1 Tuna Fingers, 1 Large Crispy Pata, Drinks, Unli Rice)
10:00 PM IT Park
10:30 PM Drinks for Inuman 550
Cab to Robe’s 100
Day 4
9:00 AM Cab to Basilica 100
Pasalubong Shopping 1000
9:30 AM Cab to Shamrock 100
Pasalubong Shopping 4000
10:00 AM Cab to Tabo-an Market 100
Pasalubong Shopping 3000
10:30 AM Cab to Robe’s 100
12:00 PM Check Out
12:30 PM Cab to ParkMall 150
1:00 PM Lunch at Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly
(Half Kilo Spicy Lechon, 1/4 kilo Original Lechon, Atsara, 20 Puso)
2:00 PM Cab to Airport 100
3 PM – 5 PM Food 500
6:00 PM Flight Back to Manila
7:30 PM Manila
Total Expenses for four          36,848
Per Person            9,212

So per person for this Cebu DIY Tour, we spent more or less around P9-10k or $225-300 for all. The best activity for me for first timers in Cebu will be the Sky Adventure in Crown Regency, Whale Shark Watching and Bluewater Resort in Oslob.


Below are the contact numbers if you are interested. 🙂

Robe’s Pension House – (032) 412 5609

MB Sunrise – 09232971176

Detailed blog posts per day:

Cebu Day 1

Cebu Day 2

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9 thoughts on “Cebu DIY Tour

  1. Den! I’m going to Cebu this April and I’m gonna copy your itinerary pero compress is for 3D/2N. 🙂 Good job with the intense details!

    Posted by Patricia Aguila (@pataguila) | March 15, 2014, 9:08 pm
  2. Love your itinerary! We will feature this post on our site. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Posted by Mac | March 16, 2014, 8:23 am
  3. Nice! First time in Oslob this November. @keekoykool

    Posted by Keeks | July 8, 2014, 1:15 pm


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