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Cebu Day 3: Downtown Cebu Pt. 2 + Taoist Temple + Food Trip

We were super tired from our first two days in Cebu. E mentioned that I should have switched Day 2 and Day 3, but it’s done. My initial plan for Day 3 was to have a second walking trip in downtown Cebu, because the first one was not optimized. I’ll probably blog about my recommended walking tour for downtown Cebu soon. Aside from the walking tour, I also planned going to the taoist temple and tops.

What Really Happened

Alas, all plans do not go smoothly. Due to our exhaustion from an amazing day in Oslob we woke up around 8 AM. We eventually went out around 10 AM and got back to the hotel by 2 PM, slept until 6 PM before going out again.

Downtown Cebu Pt. 2

In my first trip to Cebu, I originally planned dropping by the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House. When I was planning our trip years ago, it was on top of TripAdvisor’s list of things to do in Cebu. Sadly I was only able to get a glimpse of it outside, it was closed and mom was grumpy tired. Now that I have the chance to drop by and see it from the inside, it was a must in my list.

Going to the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House is easy, from Robe’s we just got on the 4C jeep and went down at Colon St. Before it you can actually see the Heritage Cebu Monument. When we got there, we paid the fee and was introduced to the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House.


10003151_10202717662814152_2048439029_n 912570_10202717897620022_1848931079_n 1981152_10202717883979681_459836914_o 10006296_10202717857819027_1695890918_o 10147234_10202717682174636_169531537_o

After visiting the ancestral house, we went to the Casa Gorordo Museum. I think Chinee and I had the most appreciation in visiting the museum given that you’ll see mostly religious artifacts there.

10147330_10202717657254013_465284298_o 1526026_10202717648733800_1529512609_o

Nearby was the Metropolitan Church, so we went in for a quick prayer.


E and Palos were constantly bugging me on when we will go out and eat Cebu’s Famous Lechon. So come our third day there, we ate at Zubuchon. When we got in the cab the driver wasn’t really familiar where it was but when E said that it was in One Mango place he knew where to drop us.


As for the food there, meh. It’s okay but it didn’t quite meet our standards as to our expectations in eating lechon (pork roast belly).

Taoist Temple

After our uneventful lunch we headed straight to the Taoist Temple located in Beverly Hills (serious, not kidding). The boys had so much fun asking us to take their photos. I’ve been there before, nothing much to do but take photos and ask a question (will share in detail in another blogpost).

1606779_10202714688179788_694927229_o 10147347_10202714683659675_827499707_o 10004724_10202714949586323_689191729_o

Word of caution, don’t be fooled by the cabbies there who will tell you that their rate to go back to the city is P250. If there are no cabs there you can walk to the entrance (15 minute walk) and hail a cab there.

Golden Cowrie

Before finally deciding on eating at Golden Cowrie, E and I had a loooong discussion. My friends recommended many different places to eat at while in Cebu, but I had soooo much fun when I was at Golden Cowrie before that I insisted we eat there (selfish but it was worth it).

Since we were lazy and it was drizzling, we hailed a cab to go there. We ordered a lot of food, but I highly recommend trying the baked scallops, sinigang na hipon, and crispy pata. We enjoyed the food served at Golden Cowrie more than our first lechon experience.

1959152_10202714854903956_908381278_o 1624913_10202714820623099_1849544362_o

IT Park

Since E was working at Aegis here in Makati, he wanted to see the Aegis office there in Cebu. Lo and behold, the Cebu office was bigger (3x or even 4x) than the head office. While we were walking around IT Park it sort of reminded me of BGC (miss that place, no noisy buses and lesser people).

After buying drinks in IT Park we headed back to Robe’s to rest.

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