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Cebu Day 4: Pasalubong Shopping + Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

Our last day was spent going to different shops to buy “pasalubong.” It is common tradition here in the Philippines that if you go on a vacation, you will buy knick-knacks, trinkets, food, or any type of souvenir item for your friends, officemates, loved ones, or anybody you know.

Religious Souvenirs

We have been to Basilica before, but we were not able to catch the souvenir store. We arrived there late, hence it was closed. That was why our first stop was the Basilica’s Souvenir Shop. From my previous trip with my mom, I already bought lots of items and we already had an image of the Santo Nino from Cebu from my brother, but if you are a catholic, best to buy an image or items there.

Otap, Dried Mangoes and Danggit

Cebu is famous for otap (puff pastry), dried mangoes, and danggit (dried fish). That’s why when we went to Shamrock (best pasalubong place for food except for danggut) they went wild. A thousand pesos can get you lots of dried mangoes, mango balls, mangorind (fusion of mango and tamarind), barquillos, baked polvoron (a must try) and otap. Though my only comment here is that they don’t have dried mangoes dipped in chocolate (it exists but you can only get those at the airport).

Shamrock near Colon St

Shamrock near Colon St

After Shamrock we went to Tabo-an market and that’s where E and I went wild. Word of caution, wear something light and something you won’t mind being stinky. We bought danggit (dried fish), pusit (dried squid) and he bought another type of fish.

Dried Fish Overload

Dried Fish Overload


Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

Tom, a DJ from Cebu, told me that we must try the lechon from Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly at Park Mall. That was our last destination, and it was worth it! So after checking out, we went straight to Park Mall. I actually thought that the place will be fancy but it’s just a simple al fresco dining type of place.


I told E that we should order 1/4 of the original recipe, 1/2 spicy and then rice. At first he thought it will be too much, but we ended up finishing it all. BEST LECHON EVER! SERIOUSLY. I’m not a big fan of lechon, but it was so tasty that I kept on eating!


E excited for lechon!

E excited for lechon!

Last Pasalubong Stop

As we checked in, I made a last stop at the pasalubong center inside the airport. It was the only place with the chocolate dipped dried mangoes (a must try!). Also, one hidden airport food gem in Cebu is the cocoa place – try ordering churros!

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