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Staycation @ Y2 Residence Hotel

This is a super late post about our post celebration of E’s birthday and father’s day. Still deserves a post though!

We planned this staycation before Father’s Day. Ideally we will go to Y2 Residence Hotel during the Father’s Day weekend, unfortunately something came up so we had to re-sched. What was great was that the Y2 staff was very accommodating with my request to rebook with no additional cost.


We finally pushed through with our staycation on July 11-12. Through Deal Grocer we were able to get a discount for the 2 bedroom deluxe in Y2. The original cost was P9,500 but we only paid P5,500 (this was inclusive already of the buffet breakfast at Pink Panda).

The itinerary I planned was just this:

July 11

  • Lunch at Isshin
  • Check In @ Y2
  • Chill and wait for Sun and Ginny
  • Sun
    and Ginny’s playdate with Alex
  • Get dinner at the mini-mercato near the hotel
  • Dads to drink/ Spa time for me

July 12

  • Breakfast
  • Swim
  • Check out
  • Lunch at Johnny Chow

The plan was to have Papa (E’s dad) , my dad, and E to just chill and enjoy good food and drink. For this post I will focus on our stay at Y2.



The place was easy to find, it was just near Century City. Outside the place didn’t really look that nice but when you do go in you will be welcomed by the sound of water gently falling on tiles. So I already felt super calm. The check-in was a breeze. I forgot to bring the coupon print out but the front desk just asked me to email them a copy. After 5 minutes I got the keys to our room! (Yay technology)

When we got in our room, I was greatly impressed by the vast space that the 2 bedroom deluxe offered. It was big enough for 6 to 8 people! Two rooms can accommodate 3 to 4 people comfortably.


I immediately checked the bed as well, my concern was that if it was too soft bunny will be squished! Great thing was that their beds were just the right amount of fluff and stiff. Super comfortable but not too comfortable. The let down for me was the bathroom, it was clean but there were no bath tubs.


The sala and dining area was spacious as well. You just have to request for dining utensils, which they will supply to you as soon as you ask for it with no additional cost. The available items were just the coffee mugs and the electric water heater. There’s also an extra room near the dining area where you can store other stuff that you need if you will be staying for more than a day at Y2.

We decided to just stay in the rest of the day as planned and just wait for bunny’s godparents, who wanted to have a playdate with her. The staff was very accommodating to our guests as well. I just needed to go down to fetch them, but if you will be busy but you expect guests you can just leave a note to them with the names of your guests and what time you expect them to get there.


Location, location, location

As I shared Y2 is just near Century City. If like us, you will bring along a baby or a toddler and you had no time to buy snacks or food you plan to cook during your stay, you need not worry. Just a few steps away is a grocery outlet where you can buy food, toiletries, and booze (of course we had to buy some because the dads wanted to drink). Aside from this a make-shift mini mercato was also present near the hotel. This makes Y2 a very attractive place to have a Staycation.

Spa Services

Y2 has their own Spa Service available for guests and for non-guests. I already advised E that I will get a massage, long overdue one. I just waited for bunny to doze off before I left them. The spa was located on the top floor of the hotel. I went there around 9PM and they were still open! This is super convenient since not everybody can afford dropping by in the afternoon or early evening. Also, perfect time to enjoy a massage just before bedtime.

I just availed of the 1 hour massage, I was thinking of bunny and her usual nursing schedule (she used to nurse every 2-3 hours when we had our staycation). Overall the experience was delightful. I fell asleep and woke up feeling relaxed, after having to plan out the staycation and enduring extreme stress of trying to balance out work and family life.

Note: You can ask them to just charge it to your room and you can pay it when you check out.

Breakfast @ Pink Panda

Our stay came with free buffet breakfast for four, so when we woke up we went down for breakfast. I got used to waking up early because bunny wakes up at 6am, so around 7 am we were already downstairs.


The food served was good, some are okay (some tasted a bit too salty for my taste). What I liked the most was the adobo they served. The mixture was just right, not bland, not salty. That was the only dish that stood out for me, the rest was just okay. The dads on the other hand liked everything in the buffet (boys will be boys). Of course bunny also ate, but at that time she was only eating one type of food per serving, so she had banana.


Overall Rating

Our stay in Y2 was amazing. We were able to enjoy our time together without having to spend too much on food (hint hint buy ihaw ihaw food at the mini mercato). If you are looking for a family friendly staycation good for 4 -6 persons you should consider Y2.

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