Dear Daughter

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Dear Daughter Pt. 3

Hi Bunny, Same with my second letter to ¬†you, I write this while you are sleeping beside me (with the AC’s hum and your papa’s snore as my background music). Oh how time flew by so fast. On Tuesday you will be turning 11 months old, and just one more month until you turn a … Continue reading

Dear Daughter Pt. 2

Dear Daughter, As I write this second letter to you, you sleep beside me peacefully as if reminding mommy that whatever happens we all get a reset button at night and wake up the next morning feeling a bit more hopeful that things will be better. I decided to write you another letter after seeing … Continue reading

Dear Daughter

I have carried you in my womb for nine months, and for nine months we were one. You knew how mommy felt, you knew when mommy was hungry, and you knew when mommy needed to take a break.

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