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John Lewis Christmas Adverts

I recently watched the latest John Lewis Christmas advert, and it was full of #feels. Even E teared up a bit, but not really, when I made him watch the latest advert. Inspired by the advert and linked as well to the industry I work in I have here my favorite John Lewis Christmas Adverts. … Continue reading

The Spa: Mommy Me Time

Work + Mom Duties + Finishing my online course + Online Shop +Bunny’s Costume + Trick or Treat madness = One tired momma. I’m sure all moms can relate to this. I wake up at 5.30 AM fix the room if I can. I get up and change bunny’s nappy and fix her breakfast. I … Continue reading

Bunny’s First Halloween

As always, the office had this Halloween Trick or Treat celebration. As a first time mom I was super excited to sign up and bring bunny, for the very first time, to the office. I was super excited that I was the first one who signed up on our list. I wanted to go all … Continue reading

Breastfeeding And Working: Our Breastfeeding Journey

This August 10, Alex will be 8 months and that also means that she’s an exclusively breastfed baby for 8 months. Keeping her an EBF baby is hard especially because I work full time, but it is not something that I have allowed to become my excuse to stop giving her liquid gold. The decision … Continue reading

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