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John Lewis Christmas Adverts

I recently watched the latest John Lewis Christmas advert, and it was full of #feels. Even E teared up a bit, but not really, when I made him watch the latest advert. Inspired by the advert and linked as well to the industry I work in I have here my favorite John Lewis Christmas Adverts. Of course I ranked the adverts as well, so let us start with my favorite:

I love this advert the most because I recalled how childhood was so free of care and full of imagination. The message was simple and who can ever resist Monty the adorable penguin? Right? Aside from that it also shared how love is, sometimes, all we need during the Holiday season. No need for any extravagant gift or big gestures, just the fact that somebody loves you is enough. This ad was created by their agency Adam & Eve. Take time to watch the bts footage and you’ll be surprised that Monty (the penguin in the advert) is not a real penguin.

My second favorite John Lewis Christmas advert was the debut Christmas advert of Adam & Eve. Again banking on children and the fact that as adults we forget how Christmas should be celebrated. This was depicted by having kids open the gifts meant for adults. You will see their innocence and their happiness in opening presents. This is true, and something I can totally relate to (because I have been saying over and over again the past couple of years that Christmas i just for kids). The execution was simple but well thought of, definitely will make you realize how much you can miss out on if you forget how Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year.

Their 2011 ad is third on my list. Because of how it switched up the expectation. Again perhaps thinking of how people assume that Christmas is for kids. This time around they leveled up the production value of their advert as compared to previous years. This also set the standard for the next adverts that they will produce for the Holiday season. This also had a lot of #feels for me because I’m a first time mom. I hope that someday I will also get a silly surprise from my bunny girl.

Their latest Christmas advert is fourth on my list. This is the one that had so much #feels. The way they depicted how the elderly feel during the Holiday season was creative but again simple. The man on the moon execution clearly sums up how detached they feel during the holiday season because they are alone or they just don’t feel like celebrating a holiday deemed more for kids than for adults.

Last on my list is their 2013 advert. Aside from the amazing song choice, it was nice how they executed the ad in full animation. Something both children and adult can really enjoy watching.

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